Property Inspection Report Hendon

We provide property inspection report in Hendon North Western london including Brent Cross and all areas in Barnet council. The report is prepared by one of our highly experienced surveyor or Environmental officer to make sure your proposed accommodation  won’t be overcrowded and that the property meetsthe adequate Accommodation Requirement. 

Adequate accommodation complies with the following requiremtns:

  • it is (or will be) owned or legally occupied for the exclusive use of the couple
  • it is capable of accommodating the couple, and any children, without overcrowding as defined in the Housing Act 1985 


Property Inspection Report for UK Visa Applications is known as home office property inspection report,  Immigration Accommodation Report, Immigration accommodation survey, Accommodation property inspection survey, Housing survey report for visa.

We have a professional team to carry out UK visa property reports in London and all over the UK. All our reports are generated based on your circumstances and property condition while ensuring compliance with current immigration guidelines. Call us on 073 77 00 00 72 for fill up our contact form for further details.