Property Inspection

When you make an application to UK border agency or British Embassies and High Commissions for entry clearance into the United Kingdom, you may be asked to obtain an independent assessment of the property you are moving into. This assessment involves the number of rooms and occupants are currently living and whether the property would become overcrowed if any more people were to move in as per PART X OVERCROWDING of Housing Act 1985.  A property assessment is also to ensure the property is safe, in a good state of repair and doesn't pose a health and safety risk and the property is free from Category 1 or 2 hazards under the provision of “Part 1 Housing Conditions" of the Housing Act 2004.


Property inspection, in the most basic sense, is the process of getting a property assessed by a professional for the generation of the property inspection report. This step is indispensable in getting an entry clearance from the UK Border Agency. The individual/s intending to immigrate to any city in the United Kingdom are required to get inspection of the property or accommodation where they intend to stay once they move to the country. Through the professional assessment of the accommodation, the case officer gets a clear idea whether it is suitable for their moving or not. Complete knowledge of the Housing Acts is imperative to perform the property inspection and the property inspectors at M&S Green Properties are well-versed with each provision of it.


MS Green Properties is an experienced and reckoned firm that can perform in-depth property inspection to ensure your accommodation is comply with the current legislation set by UK border agency. We make a visit to the property and examine each and every room and corners of the place to ensure it is in compliance with the habitable conditions. These conditions are in terms of safety and maintenance.


In addition to that, we also check whether the property would be suitable for the number of people who have applied for the immigration and are planning to live in the property or would the place become overcrowded. Our experts match it with the PART X OVERCROWDING of Housing Act 1985. We also give report on the condition of the property and whether it poses any Category 1 or 2 hazards under the provision of “Part 1 Housing Conditions" of the Housing Act 2004. 


What will happen during Immigration Property Inspection?

  • An environmental health officer will visit your property.
  • The officer will have to access your property to inspect the general conditon of all parts of property. 
  • The officer will measure all rooms (except bathroom, kitchen, storage room etc.) with a laser measurement device. 
  • The Personal details of applicant (who is coming to reside this property); Name, date of birth, passport number (if available). 
  • The details of current occupiers of house (name, date of birth) and relationship with applicant and sleeping pattern of each room. 

Please refer to our Application page for the exact information we need to produce a Property inspection report of immigration purposes.